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About Us

Infinite Electrical services the greater Los Angeles area with reliable electrical experts. We service all your small and large electrical needs from installing a new lighting fixture to designing a completely new building with custom Electrical Plan Designs. We have an experienced staff in commercial and residential electric service, repair, and installation. Our friendly team members are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.

Electrical Services

We specialize in commercial and residential electrical services. Infinite Electrical engineers can assist with design and implementation; our trained and licensed electricians are experienced in service, repair, installation, and last but not least preventive maintenance. We use high quality materials for every project. Our most important priority is your SAFETY & SATISFACTION.

Engineering Design

At Infinite Electrical, Our Professional Engineers operate state-of-the-art equipment and apply the most current software to design Engineering Drawings and submit City Plans. We are professionals who design according to NEC Standards and specifications so that failure of any piece of equipment does not leave any facility completely without power.

Electrical Signs

We design and install all kinds of Electrical Signs including: Monument signs, neon signs, LED signs, can & box signs, Metal Cast 3D, storefront signs, and Street Poles. Our Experienced Crews and Equipped Trucks are ready to install or repair any sign. We will provide you with a detailed estimate whether it is a single or package installation. We can create custom designs for all your signage needs.

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